GingerJoy Rivest
Massage Therapist (RMT)

Touch Massage was established in 2007 by GingerJoy Rivest as a Neuro-Somatic therapeutic bodywork practice.

Since then Ginger added to her training with Thai Massage training in Chang Mai Thailand, and by completing the 3 year Registered Massage Therapist certification and licensing for BC in 2012.

The purpose of such rigorous training is to provide you with the highest standard of front line health care that can address everything from chronic pain and injury rehabilitation to pure relaxation from daily stress.

Her comprehensive training includes deep tissue and light touch approaches. Your session will be designed to suit your body’s needs and experience with massage.



Modern living challenges the body's natural balance with constant repetitive movements, postures, and stress. Over a lifetime injuries and compensation pattern build up. When we are no longer able to adapt, dis-ease and symptoms set in. A Therapeutic Massage is an effective way to help you body recover from injuries, ease physical symptoms from disease, and manage chronic pain.

After a thorough assessment your massage therapist uses highly skilled techniques to manipulate the soft tissues of the body to regain optimal health in muscles, ligaments, joints, and organs. Massage therapy can also be profoundly relaxing and is effective at calming the nervous system which has the wonderful benefit of lowering erosive stresses in the body to help your body speed up it's own healing! Your therapist will also spend time to educate you about self care goals including therapeutic exercises and stretches designed for your specific needs. From acute care to maintenance and prevention these sessions are designed to get you feeling your best!


Just want a full body bliss experience? A restorative massage is a relaxing more whole body approach with the aim being to soothe the nervous and provide a nourishing experience. Here you can let your mind drift while the massage releases general tension and allows for the gentle opening where your body can reset and restore vital energy, excellent when you are feeling exhausted and overworked! These deeply relaxing treatments are a hands on massage that can be gentle or deep depending on your bodies needs and may include foot massage, scalp massage, and aromatherapy.

If you don’t know which massage you need, I’ll take the time to study your health history and posture to determine what level of pressure, temperature, and technique is best suited for your body’s condition." move this phrase so it is running the full width of the page below all three of the options. also remove this quote from above the acuity booking options where it is currently repeating.


Let your tensions melt under the pampering warmth of the Hot Stones! This is an ancient technique that uses the application of oil and smooth volcanic stones that have been heated to the ideal temperature for massage. The warming effect of the stones has an incredibly softening effect on tissues deep into the body, softening tension and moving stagnant energy. Your Hot Stone Massage with Ginger will include both stones and hands on techniques and can be geared towards either therapeutic or restorative massage depending on your needs and desires.


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